How Cloud Computing Serve As The Backbone Of Internet Of Things?

Abstract Although Cloud Computing and Internet Of Things (IoT) are completely different technologies, the two are the part of our life. Moreover, it’s also a fact that these technologies are closely interlinked. This article provides you the understanding of Internet of things and how cloud computing can be a core element for implementing the overall […]

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how IOT can impact us

How Internet of Things can Impact us?

If you’re someone who still thinks the Internet of Things (IoT) is tomorrow’s technology, it’s time for a wake-up call. It’s already here and making a big impact on business. As you can see, the Internet of Things can bring big benefits for both businesses and their consumers and as more and more businesses take up […]

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augmented reality development company

Augmented Reality Is Coming To Make Our Lives Better

Modern Internet users already enjoy dozens of benefits that were hard to imagine only thirty or forty years ago. However, the period before us will bring even more exciting innovations in digital technology. One of the most intriguing ones is the popularization of augmented reality (AR). The report on the future of augmented and virtual […]

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iot trends and technologies

IoT Trends & Technologies 2020 – Growth Rate, Sectors, Concerns and More

IoT technology trends suggest that we have transitioned a long way from being ‘nowhere’ to ‘now everywhere’. As a matter of fact, we are slowly migrating towards IoE (Internet of Everything) which will connect anything with a sensor to the Internet. Though IoT has become commonplace, it is yet to have a huge impact in […]

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IoT and node js

Why Node.JS And IoT Made For Each Other?

Technology never stands still, and smart companies have their ears to the ground to determine the next big thing and what they need to do to get ready for it. The Internet of Things is that next big thing, and Node.js will play a key role in ensuring that companies are ready and able to […]

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