artificial intelligence & cyber security

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Cyber-Security?

Cyber-attack is one of the biggest threats to businesses, governments, and institutions today. More than 200 million personal records were exposed in data breaches in 2016; including high-profile breaches at the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 99 percent of exploited vulnerabilities are already known. Unfortunately, we tend to rely […]

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Accelerate sales with machine learning

How To Increase Your Business With Machine Learning

Every day hundreds of letters with several stocks come to customers. They do not even open these letters because they have interest in these letters. As per the Email Tracking Report, 65% of recipients receive irrelevant emails. The problem is not even in the analysis of the target audience, the quality of the database and […]

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Top 5 Ways AI Will Affect the Ecommerce Industry

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology and AI one of the most interesting technology which is contentiously growing day by day. AI can do those things which can not be expected without human interfere and this has become possible just because of thousands of technological advancements. Let’s tell you again that AI can do those […]

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AI & Machine Learning

Can Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Solve The Healthcare Issues?

Your future doctor might not be human. And your Healthcare costs may become incredibly affordable in the years to come. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are transforming health and medicine and helping to make faster and more precise diagnosis. Thanks to advanced algorithms based on historical patient data and the latest breakthroughs in medical technology, […]

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machines can beat humans

Are Machines Capable of Beating Humans?

Google’s AutoML system recently produced a series of machine-learning codes with higher rates of efficiency than those made by the researchers themselves. In this latest blow to human superiority the robot student has become the self-replicating master. AutoML was developed as a solution to the lack of top-notch talent in AI programming. There aren’t enough […]

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4 exciting technologies

4 Exciting Technologies To Look Forward To In 2018

Tech Giants and Digital Experts have always discussed about the importance of advanced computer technologies. These processes and techniques will establish and bring down market cost to a big volume. The opportunity to innovate communication will initiate company’s growth. Every company ould like to stay ahead of the growth curve, and that’s where they need […]

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The technology that promises to bring massive changes to the world next years is machine learning (ML). Machine learning is a subfield of the Artificial Intelligence research and got the highest spotlight in business. ML represents a new era in software development where computers, gadgets, and other devices don`t require special programming to complete tasks […]

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ai development company

How Artificial Intelligence Will Revamp Mobile App Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for quite a while, however, it is just true in the previous couple of years that we have seen some real achievements in the innovation. The potential for AI in the mobile branding industry is currently enormous and ought to be something mobile application advertisers are starting to embrace […]

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augmented reality development company

Augmented Reality Is Coming To Make Our Lives Better

Modern Internet users already enjoy dozens of benefits that were hard to imagine only thirty or forty years ago. However, the period before us will bring even more exciting innovations in digital technology. One of the most intriguing ones is the popularization of augmented reality (AR). The report on the future of augmented and virtual […]

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Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Wearable Devices For Healthy Future

  AI and Machine learning are two important pillars for gathering data from wearable devices. Without Artificial Intelligence Engine, data gathering will be very tough or can say impossible from wearable devices as well as for users. This is the reason why, wearable application developers are adding artificial intelligence into wearable health applications and wearable […]

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6 ways AI and Chatbots are changing education

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots Are Changing Education

Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots have become the latest trends in the technology world. You can find chatbots in almost every industry now, whether it is a travel website, e-commerce platforms, blogs or government sites. The education sector also holds abundant of possibilities for utilizing this incredible technology. The machine learning […]

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Reality in the Making: Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Albert Einstein once said “reality is merely an illusion.” While that is still up for debate, many major tech companies are trying to break down the barrier between digital and real everyday and make their own illusory realities. The emerging tech space is beginning to host a variety of different technologies from virtual reality to […]

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Artificial Intelligence the future of finance sector

Artificial Intelligence – The Future Of Finance Sector

The financial sector is on the brink of an AI revolution, poised to adopt a sophisticated platform that can create simple narratives and actionable analyses from varied data sets. New technology has already radically shifted customer and corporate expectations, including online lending systems that help creditors use personal data to vet potential borrowers and systems […]

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