Difference between AI and chatbots

Difference between AI and Chatbots

Amidst the buzz of AI and chatbots, a lot of people are confused between the terms and they even tend to mix them up together. Chatbots and AI are closely related, but they are not exactly the same thing and there are Difference between AI and chatbots! AI is the field of incorporating human intelligence […]

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wearables technology

Wearable Technology: A Carry-Anywhere Thing That Can Save Your Life

For the less initiated, wearables include devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers, token devices, rings, necklaces, shoes, clothing and similar Things that we wear every day. Unlike their ordinary counterparts, wearables tech devices are embedded with IoT sensors that are minute in size often less than a penny coin in size. These sensors collect biological and […]

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Hire full stack developer

Hire A Full Stack Developer For Your Next Project

A full stack developer is an one-man-army. From plotting plans to putting it into action, the whole development process is their forte. Armed with expertise spanning multiple coding language frameworks and platforms, they are an asset to any tech project team. Traditional Web Development vs Full-Stack Development Until full-stack development became commonplace, each development task […]

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