angular js beginner guide

Angular JS Technology – The tech that rules the Internet

Often described as the HTML for applications and software, AngularJS is one of the go-to tools for frontend programming nerds. An extension of Java, this frontend framework does have several features that set it apart from contemporary tools. One of the most noticeable features of AngularJS is its application on the internet. It can be […]

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hire full stack developer in chicago

What, how and why: Tips to hire full stack developer

You’ve heard a lot about this new breed of full-stack web developers. Lots of appraising chatter about “all-in-one” programmers, though many concerns as well. Some top tech companies like Facebook are betting on and hiring them. Others are still hesitant and careful with new trendy things, and that is understandable. So the question arises: how […]

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mobile application development for Restaurants

Five Smart Ways Small Restaurants Can Mobilize Their Business

Some little, free eateries work on thin edges and can’t bear to assemble expound portable applications to enable them to remain associated with existing clients and draw in new ones. You won’t need to have the corporate sponsorship of a McDonald’s or Subway to assemble your eatery and empower benefactors to download coupons, see menu […]

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Healthcare app development with qss

How Can Healthcare Mobility Reduce Hospital Management Cost?

Mobility is no longer a trend but has evolved as a need of the era. The pace of its evolution soon invited numerous health app development companies to step ahead and initiate the healthcare mobility solution process. According to a source, it is estimated that by the end there will be around one million mobile […]

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