3 Virtual Reality Solutions That Will Transform Industry 4.0 Into Smart Factory

Technology has been shifted from 1.0 to 4.0, and this evolution has shown a big change in the industry. Industrialization has also changed from steam power, hydrolyzation/mechanization, water power, wind power and solar power. The second was the installation of mass production, assembly lines and electricity. The third was the era of computer and automation. […]

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World in 2018

How ‘Smart’ is the world going to get in 2018

We have started taking things easier than ever, in a positive way, and the credit for that goes to the smart technologies that surround us. If you look around you; in fact, I think you must take a look around you right now. Are you looking? Do you see that smartphone that means everything to […]

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ios based employee app

iOS-based Employee Safety Tracking and Security App

With rapid technology progression, the workforce has become more mobile today by using smart devices to minimize the work delay and improve productivity. The various team collaborates to work efficiently while being on-the-move. Work from home has proved to be a great performance booster, but such enhanced mobility comes with its severe threats and challenges. […]

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