IOS 11 and Augmented Reality

iOS 11 and Augmented Reality

The release of iOS 11 was packed with many new features including Apple’s new ARKit software. The ARKit results in an expansion of iOS’s Augmented Reality abilities and signify Apple’s continued interest in the development of the technology. The ARKit provides developers with a slew of new tools designed to help create a new generation […]

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wearables technology

Wearable Technology: A Carry-Anywhere Thing That Can Save Your Life

For the less initiated, wearables include devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers, token devices, rings, necklaces, shoes, clothing and similar Things that we wear every day. Unlike their ordinary counterparts, wearables tech devices are embedded with IoT sensors that are minute in size often less than a penny coin in size. These sensors collect biological and […]

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How to build mobile app

3 Misconceptions About How To Build A Mobile App

One wants to build a mobile app because they want something out of it. It could be a social, business, financial, personal or even a political motive. The app development process is analogous to mining diamonds. While getting the diamonds out to the right buyers is what mobile app marketing is all about. The best […]

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ionic app development company

Top 7 Reasons to Pick IONIC Framework for Mobile Apps

Companies do understand the dominance of mobile apps and they are finding all ways to provide their customers the convenience of using their services/products and approaching them on the go. But the big decision for these companies is to choose the right platform to develop their apps. Since the beginning of app development, native apps […]

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importance of artificial intelligence in 2017

Why Artificial Intelligence is Now More Important Than Ever

The reason why we are studying AI right now more actively is clearly because of the potential applications it might have, because of the media and general public attention it received, as well as because of the incredible amount of funding investors are devoting to it as never before. Machine learning is being quickly commoditized, […]

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angular js vs vue js

Angular Vs. Vue.Js: Which Is The Best For Your Project Needs? – Updated

The web development space has witnessed dramatic changes over the years. The JavaScript ecosystem, especially, has been truly volatile with new JavaScript frameworks being introduced almost every month. The existing ones are updated quite often, thanks to the community striving hard to constantly enrich them. Even though JS realm has been very vibrant with all […]

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