mobile apps and healthcare

How Are Mobile Apps Making Healthcare More Accessible?

The enthusiasm for healthier and longer lives have resulted in continuous advancements and research in the healthcare industry. Today when I talk about technology, the evolution of mobile apps hasn’t left the healthcare segment behind. Whether its Doctor’s consultation, fixing appointments or health checkups, purchasing medicines, – almost everything has redefined by mobile apps and […]

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Technology that will drive supply chainc

Technologies That’ll Drive Supply Chains Of 2018

Manufacturers and logisticians are introducing new technologies into their manufacturing lines and logistics operations. They are leveraging on established digital ecosystems and finding new ways of doing business regardless of their size and capital on order to stay relevant in a hypercompetitive market going after a phenomenon called Uberization. They are adopting digital capabilities to […]

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What features and changes Google brings to Android P?

Everybody expected Android P to come in mid-march but Google amazed everyone and just released it unexpectedly. Yes, Android P is here when Android Oreo is on less than 2% of all Android devices but that’s a topic for another time right now let’s talk about Android P. We’ve installed the Android P Developer Preview […]

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AI impacting Mobile app development

The Good, The Bad, & The Beautiful Ways AI Impacting Mobile App Development!

Mobile applications have penetrated deep into our lives and transformed every aspect of our living. From dining to monitoring our sleep patterns, driving to parenting everything has been revolutionized and brought to our fingertips by these amazing apps residing on our smart devices. Then enters AI – Artificial Intelligence. The emergence of AI has had […]

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