importance of artificial intelligence in 2017

Why Artificial Intelligence is Now More Important Than Ever

If you aren’t yet convinced by the real world potential of artificial intelligence, Microsoft’s chief envisioning officer, Dave Coplin has a few words for you. Speaking at an AI conference in London on Tuesday, Coplin emphatically told business leaders that AI is “the most important technology that anybody on the planet is working on today,” […]

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best hybrid app framework

Best Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks for UI/UX Designers

The mobile applications for iOS and Android provide easy and instant access to the global markets, and this is an opportunity you can’t ignore. Building an app from scratch may prove to be an unnecessarily challenging task, and luckily there are frameworks at our disposal that streamline the work progress. Let’s take a look at […]

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xamarin component

How to submit package on Xamarin component

Components helps applications built faster and adds great features without a lot of work. The store has a catalog of stunning UI controls, charts and graphs, beautiful themes, cloud services, and other powerful features that you can add to your app in minutes. This document is designed to give you a quick guide on how […]

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how to choose right software development company 01

Choosing the Right Software Development Company

If you’ve recently made the decision to invest in bespoke software (see our last blog featuring a checklist to help you decide) then the next stage is to choose the software development company to handle your project. You may have the best software concept in the world, but poor execution could sound the death knell […]

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angular js vs vue js

Angular Vs. Vue.Js: Which Is The Best For Your Project Needs

The web development space has witnessed dramatic changes over the years. The JavaScript ecosystem, especially, has been truly volatile with new JavaScript frameworks being introduced almost every month. The existing ones are updated quite often, thanks to the community striving hard to constantly enrich them. Even though JS realm has been very vibrant with all […]

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android oreo news and update

Nexus 6P May Get Android Oreo Next Week

Android Oreo has already bucked the recent trend of lethargic Android updates. Oreo hit Verizon versions of the Google Pixel just days after release, and it looks like older Google phones will be getting a similarly quick treatment. An official update tracker maintained by Canadian cell carrier Rogers shows the Oreo update arriving for the […]

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