Custom Font In Xamarin.Forms

Abstract: This article demonstrate each and every steps required for adding font style in your app. Xamarin already contains some popular font styles but if you want to add a new font style then this article completely belongs to you. This article will help you in applying font style in some specific controls or overall […]

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Abstract This article is targeted to the users who wish to know the basics of the Blockchain technology. If you’re interested in crypto-currencies, how it works and how it is secured then this topic just states the basics of these concepts. Blockchain will be one of the most powerful technologies in the future as people […]

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Performance Testing Needs and JMeter

Abstract The targeted audience of this article, who wants to know the necessity of doing performance testing for any mobile and web application so that when user database gets increased many factor such as response time, throughput and hits per second remain stable to ensure robustness of a application. Functional and structuring of an application […]

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Paython & Mashine Learning

Python and Machine Learning

ABSTRACT This article is about Python and Machine Learning and targets those users who wish to take advantage of Python. In this article we are going to learn :- Why Python? What can we do with python? What is Machine Learning and how python helps developers in machine learning? How easy/tough to play with Python […]

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responsive form application

Responsive Windows Form Application

Abstract This article discuss the methodology that makes “Classic Window Form Application” responsive with custom coding. Before going forward, we must understand what is responsiveness, why responsive behaviour is so important and why responsiveness is such a “big thing”. A short and crisp definition of responsiveness would be the ability to scale the controls and […]

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